What else to say after such a success....but THANK YOU?

Thanks to those who understood from the start that the former Concorde teams and today’s young engineers could create a dynamic flow, oustanding and historical according to those who were there on December the 17th and according to your numerous messages.
Without them, where could we find the strength to overcome all the uprising bareers?
> Thanks to MR Langevin and all the ESTACA School not only for opening their doors to us but also for providing us with staff and welcome facilities beyond our expectations.
The Estaca School really knows what a warm welcome means, no-one can deny it.
Thanks to MR Benjamin GALLEZOT, presidency counsellor, for his support and for attending this symposium.
Thanks to Captain Michel Brulant for his morning conference, captivating and nearly hypnotising the audience.
During that wonderful class, some highly interesting statements were made by Mr Denis Parenteau, whom I'd like to thank as well for being there.
Thanks to our Speakers (Industrials) for coming despite the bad weather conditions and for sharing their precious knowledge with us. Dassault, Air France,  Snecma  & Onera : We could not have dreamt of any better.    
Thanks to all the students of the Cercle Aero and more, for working hard on the symposium set up and organization, with a team spirit that impressed us all.
Thanks to Marc Weber who remarkably animated the symposium, mixing scientific and smart comments, always with an appropriate timing, and holding the debate at a high level until the end.
Thanks to all Olympus593 members who came that day, they got to know each other and share their hopes.
Thanks to the students delegations for being open-minded, and for feeding the debate with their questions about the future
Thanks to the small team I have by my side day after day, Didier Machure and Geraldine Geoffroy: their backstage work made this symposium possible.
Thanks to the associations sharing our supersonic dreams, our vision and goal.
Finally I’d like to personally thank Mister Sami Ammar: Not only president of the Cercle aéronautique Estaca but also a very honest man of  true words and convictions. He’s very much respected and his skills made that project a real happening. Seldom enough to be mentioned.    

Useless to say how happy we feel at Olympus593 to be able to end this year activities this way and we are really delighted to share these results with our partners.

Wishing you a very happy Holiday Season, 

Frédéric PINLET

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